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Big Data

Whether data is local or on cloud, there has been an exponential growth demanding Big Data Solutions to be abreast with latest development in technology, quality of data management. At Thrive Tek Inc, we have updated skilled team on all Big Data platforms and technology to efficiently serve our clients across industry segments irrespective of client’s size or segment that will help them to develop, transfer and maintain most challenging Big Data projects.

In one line, we can say we have the tools, skills, experience and expertise to turn your Big Data problems into business solutions. Our Enterprise Information Management has knitted a robust set of Big Data Development and Services:

⚬ Big data strategy and roadmap definition
⚬ Architecture & Design of complex, real time Big Data Solutions
⚬ Customized development of Hadoop, Map Reduce and PIG applications
⚬ Technology Evaluation and piloting
⚬ Idea to implementation
⚬ Data Visualization and Dynamics
⚬ Big Data Lab on Demand
⚬ Monitoring Mechanisms
⚬ Solution accelerators
⚬ Infrastructure and operational support
⚬ Platform migration support

Access to real-time high quality data in time is any business’s main support that should include true insight to make timely and right decisions making the business intelligent or can be said as business intelligence. Thrive Tek Inc will make our clients one step ahead of their competitors.

Our comprehensive services:
⚬ Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing
⚬ Analytical and data mining support
⚬ Data aggregating Strategy and planning
⚬ Reports/reporting and Data management services
⚬ Data preparation and batch processing
⚬ Assessment and Planning – Data Warehouse
⚬ Data Information Management
⚬ Cloud & Infrastructure
⚬ Predictive Analysis & Modeling
⚬ Governance & Audit
⚬ Quality Assurance
⚬ SharePoint
⚬ Ad hoc auxiliary services

Big Data

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