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We at Thrivetek are looking forward to help all our clients with health related software projects in process and quality management and help them in achieve International standards and practices. Health industry is perhaps one of the most revenue generating one and widespread. Some of the institutions are not updated in process quality, expertise quality and enterprise quality and the standards the world is following. We aim to step in and help all those who are willing to change with the changing times with special reference to Information security and HIPAA by which they can be securitized both ways i.e., the provider and the user.

Process Quality: Process are documented as per standards laid down in ISO 9001 guidelines and our quality auditors periodically inspect the performance of tasks with relevance to the standard practices adherences and deviations if any Enterprise Quality: We have created an enterprise quality standard which is constantly monitored by our enterprise quality team and help us to bring out the patterns in the performance data as our continuing efforts to upgrade the process

Information Security and HIPAA: Mandates the confidentiality of health records, electronic transactions compliance with the industry standards knit in a sound framework for information management and security. This is applicable evenly for all players in health industry like payers, health plan providers, hospitals and doctor practices, clearing houses, Pharmacies etc.

We offer in-depth software consulting services in all the segments of health industry let be in embedding the technology or application and usage of it.

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