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Project Management

Thrive Tek Inc has capabilities to undertake small, medium to large projects for Business solutions, Products, Services and Management in IT & Software. Based on our varied experience across the industry segments, we develop and deliver business solutions that meet most challenging IT problems. We undertake complete responsibility for analyzing, design, implementation, testing and integration of systems. We intend to work in tandem and unison with client’s team for better satisfaction, implementation, testing and integrate systems & people. We combine deep technology know how, architecture solutions capability and program management skills to help our clients to integrate, acquire new capabilities for heterogeneous systems that cover both mainstream and emerging technologies.
We specialize in Software & IT services & development, Web& Mobile application development, Big Data, Business Intelligence, Advanced Analytical & Predictive Modeling, Database Migrations & Management, Quality Analysis and related software projects. We care for in-time delivery, Cost-effective implementations of projects, Turn-key projects. Our team is time, quality, technology, service and of course economy conscious that makes your project most viable and profits from the first day.

Technical Architecture

As we all know Technical architecture is the process of evolving methodically all the systems in technology with special reference to software technology. We at Thrive Tek Inc use all the architectural frame work in carrying out our smallest to biggest assignments. We follow strictly the Protocols, technology specification, models, guidelines technology notations, Architectural frame work, following formal and informal technology solutions, enterprise and infrastructure architecture processes. Through our real time experience, we help all our clients to build the Technical architecture suiting their needs and map up their plans in achieving it. This technical architecture can be information asset in an organization including the physical designs of infrastructure that hold up the entire occupancy, hardware, supply chains, tools etc.

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SAP Security Design & Architecture

Resourceful application of technology is one thing that helps companies thrive. Updating, keeping abreast with ever-changing technologies and fulfill up to the minute requirements of our clients has put us in forward position. At its most fundamental level, SAP Security Design refers to the architectural structure of SAP security roles. However, effective security design is achieved via the convergence of role architecture.

1. SAP Security Organizational Structure & Governance - Ownership, Policies, and Accountability
2. SAP Security Processes - User Provisioning, Role Change Management, Emergency Access
3. Ongoing Management & Monitoring of the Security Environment - KPIs, Recertification, “Get Clean & Stay Clean”

In SAP products we are a proud player as we apply the changes quickly and effectively be it SAP Net weaver IdM, SAPGRC Access Control or SAP Solution Manger; all SAP products are up to date with us and our team keeps up to the minute development for deliverance of effective SAP Solutions.

SAP Security & Cyber Security Delivery

What any business or company requires is a secured ERP system with user friendly and safe transactional facility. Trustworthiness is very essential especially in SAP like systems as whole organizational transactions run on it.

Our care & main concerns regarding SAP will be:

SAP is a sensitive & critical system SAP is an ERP and a business application system hence any security vulnerability may result in financial loss, business disruptions and cause direct impact on business SAP being integrated system any small error can cause widespread effect on the business operations on the whole Securing SAP is not enough to just secure inside SAP but also the other parameters involved like personnel, Accessibility and cyber safety.

Our core objectives would be:
⚬ Discuss various types of security controls in SAP
⚬Defining frame works for SAP Security audits and give controls and seek responsibility
⚬ Discuss integration with IT and operational audits

SAP being a part of IT infrastructure of any business, personnel need to be trained properly to handle it At Thrivetek Inc, we know what needs to be secured, Monitored and regularized hence we will transfer the whole knowledge to authorities and will attend to their requests as a maintenance programme and help them achieve their setgoals.

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